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Introducing the Think Productivity host: Richard Askam

Richard here!

I’m here to introduce myself as the host of the Think Productivity Conference on the 17th of November.

A little bit more about me, I have spent 30 years working in the wine business before launching the first personalised champagne gifts in the UK in 2010.

This led me to Coca-Cola where I developed and executed the online ShareaCoke campaign across Europe in 2014.

Over the following two years, I made similarly successful personalised campaigns for the likes of Unilever, Barclays, Vodafone and McVitie’s before becoming a full-time speaker. I even made my debut as a TED Talker in 2017.

My focus is conversation, an invaluable skill in a world where businesses must adapt to the conversation of their customers, and over the last few years I have become a host and MC for business events both online and in person!

I’m looking forward to meeting all the businesses that are ready to Think Productivity on the 17th.

See you then!

Book your place at this event here:

Please note tickets are limited to one person per company for this event, eligible businesses only. In the event of unforeseen Covid-19 government restrictions, the session will be moved online and carried out virtually.