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GiftsOnline4U Receives Funding from the Productivity Programme

GiftsOnline4U is one of many businesses to have benefited from funding thanks to the Innovation Programme. In this blog, the company’s founder explains his plans to get involved with the Productivity Programme.

GiftsOnline4U, founded in 2012 by Asgar Dungarwalla, is an online retailer selling between 3,000 to 4,000 different personalised gift options which aims to provide new and creative gifts ideas that make customers smile.

The company first approached our team when we were operating as the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire to find out how to grow the business by developing innovative ideas and to get more information on the funding available.

The online gift retailer produces a range of personalised gifts including glassware, accessories, slate, homeware and wooden gifts which require specialist equipment and technology to make the personalisation process quicker and more cost-effective.

GiftsOnline4U contacted our team as they needed some new ideas to help grow the business and wanted to find out how funding through the programme could support the company to develop new products.

After confirming that GiftsOnline4U was eligible to access funding offered through the programme, our Business Development Officer Charli Whittaker assisted Asgar throughout the process of applying for grant funding from the Innovation Programme, guiding him through each step.

We’ve received great feedback from Asgar on how the process of applying for a grant was extremely straightforward, especially with the guidance provided by our team and the clear breakdown of the paperwork involved.

Thanks to funding provided by the Innovation Programme, GiftsOnline4U was able to buy the equipment it needed and introduce a new product line: rolling pins which offer personalised engraving.

The new equipment has produced great results for the company: as well as improving their product range, GiftsOnline4U recorded sales of around 1,500 to 2,000 rolling pins over the Christmas period, improving the company’s overall profit margin.

The new machine allows products to be inversely engraved at a much faster rate, allowing GiftsOnline4U to benefit from a quick return on investment. The added reassurance of a grant to cover a large part of the expenditure gave the company the confidence it needed to implement the next level of innovation.

Thanks to the success the business experienced through the help of the Innovation Programme, GiftsOnline4U has now approached the Productivity Programme to find out how our new programme can further benefit the business with its growth.

We’re excited to be working alongside GiftsOnline4U again and to help one of Lincolnshire’s great SMEs to continue going from strength to strength.

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