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Gaining Control of Your Business Webinars

Following the success of our previous webinars with Business Coach Simon Meadows, we are delighted to invite you to our latest series, designed to move your business from that of chaos or disorder to being in control. As the times around us change and we have to move on from the past status of the recent crisis, it is vital that to be more productive and profit making we regain or take some control over our business. This series of six webinars will provide essential tactics and strategies that all business owners, managers and leaders should embrace without adding layers of complexity, and to grasp all and any opportunities that lie ahead of us.

Gaining Control of Your Business

  • Session 3 (7th October) – Linchpin redundancy: designing your business to operate unabated when key employees are not available.

Creating Business Impact

  • Session 4 (21st October) – Transformation Orientation: ensuring that your business clients benefit through a transformation beyond the transaction, creating impact for them and you.
  • Session 5 (4th November) – Mission Motivation: ensuring that all employees, managers and leaders are motivated more by delivering on the business mission, rather than their roles.
  • Session 6 (18th November) – Feedback Integrity: empowering your people, clients and wider community to give both critical and complimentary feedback on your business.

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