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Creativity…Reimagined 2021

Hi, Mandy Wheeler here!  

If the last eighteen months have done anything, they’ve forced us all to be more creative, which makes this is an ideal time to step back and take a critical look at this elusive skill.  

Creativity — or innovation, imagination, ingenuity — means different things to different people. Whatever you think it is, most of us would agree that creativity is essential for business success. But it is not always easy to achieve. Why is that? Are we going about it in the wrong way?  

That is one of the questions Luke Sorba and I will invite you to explore in our workshop: Creativity…Reimagined. As practitioners and lecturers, we both have spent our professional lives in the creative industries. We’ve decades of experience in coaxing creativity out of hiding. It is our belief that the key to a successful creative working environment isn’t more brainstorming sessions; it’s knowing how to help people get out of their own way.  

Creativity Reimagined is a full day session designed to get you thinking about where creativity fits into your business, and how you want to work with it in the future. There’ll be exercises and chat (and no PowerPoint slides). You’ll get up from your chair, move about, work in pairs and in groups. Along the way you’ll learn how you can help yourself and others get comfortable with spontaneity and develop a flexible, resilient mindset that doesn’t shrink when faced with uncertainty.  

You’ll also laugh a lot, and surprise yourself, we promise.  

We hope you’ll join us. 

Book your place at this event here:  

Please note tickets are limited to one person per company for this event, eligible businesses only. In the event of unforeseen Covid-19 government restrictions, the session will be moved online and carried out virtually.