Case Studies

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Productivity Programme supporting Great British Sports Cars

Great British Sports Cars is a leading name in the British and worldwide sports car industry. Productivity Programme has helped them gain access to grant to support the set up of new equipment to help them create specialist components for vehicles. This will help them to develop and grow their business into the future.

Productivity Programme supporting the Eye Guide MC

Productivity Programme has been working with a Lincolnshire woman, Sandra McDonough, who has battled Parkinson’s disease for more than 18 years and has now invented a device that could help 145,000 people living with the condition in the UK to manage and control their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

You can also read the full story on our blog.

How Matt and Holly Started Their Business Through GGE

University of Lincoln graduates Matt and Holly were videographers who wanted to turn their passion into a viable income. The GGE was able to quickly help them turn their hobby into a business and provided much-needed vital support in the important early stages of their business. Through mentoring, GGE helped them overcome common start-up challenges such as how to invoice, deal with real clients, and how to market to their audience.

How Katie Started Her Business Through GGE

After completing her degree and fully understanding the practical elements of her service, University of Lincoln graduate Katie needed the skills and knowledge to start her sports therapy business. GGE provided this and allowed her to learn the ins and outs of the basics from legal structures to cashflow through a boot camp. This also gave her the opportunity to network with other graduates in other industries, and to navigate the challenges of starting a business during COVID-19.

How Jacob Started His Business Through GGE

In this video, University of Lincoln graduate Jacob tells us how the Growing Graduate Enterprise (GGE) has helped him to start his own 3D printing business. Watch this video to find out more about how Jacob was able to get his business started thanks to the GGE programme.


Growing Graduate Enterprise explained

In this video our Student Enterprise Co-ordinator, Mikey Coulson, explains what the Growing Graduate Enterprise (GGE) is and how it can help recent graduates looking to start their own business with enhanced personalised business start-up support which covers everything from legal structures, market research, marketing and finance advice.

Growing Graduate Enterprise

In this video, George Hughes, owner of George Hughes Films, tells us how the Growing Graduate Enterprise has helped him to start his own wedding videography business. George was keen to start his business but was lacking the knowledge to get started. Through our programme, he received 12 hours pre-start up support and a grant of around £5,000 towards the videography equipment he needed. 

Grant Funding

In this video, Camilla McLean, director of Stamford-based made-to-measure furniture maker Matthew Cox tells us how tells us how our fifty percent match-funded grant helped the company to purchase augmented reality technology during the pandemic so it could diversify and still operate.

Graduate Internship

In this video, Dave Poole, owner of Custom Fitness in Lincoln, tells us how our Graduate Internship scheme has helped him to employ a graduate intern which has proved beneficial both prior to and during the coronavirus outbreak. Dave tells us how employing an intern has contributed to the company’s expansion plans.


Productivity Vouchers

In our latest video, Dr Niko Kargas tells us how the Productivity Vouchers have helped him to reach his aim of transferring his academic expertise into social and economic growth. Dr Jonathan Griffiths tells us how the vouchers have helped the school to strengthen its links with local companies.